Gyula Budai: The one thing on his mind

Listening to voices coming from Budapest I sometimes think that the philosophers concerned may be overreacting. But then, consider the above Homepage of Gyula Budai (Jan. 28th). It is almost entirely made out of references to reports published in “Magyar Nemzet”. The section titles translate like this:

Philosophy projects: new indictments can be made 2011.01.17

Millions were spent to translate from Hungarian into Hungarian 2011.01.15

Nietzsche was more important than the Roma’s cause 2011.01.14

Chaos reigned at the department of philosophy of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 2011.01.11

Moral low in philosophy 2011.01.10

To repeat: all those titles are direct “Magyar Nemzet” quotes. If this is how a government official presents his work to the public there is good reason to be alarmed.

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